XL Premium Fireproof Document Safe/Bag (16"x12"x5"), Updated 2019 Design, Fireproof and Water Resistant, Home & Office 2000F Fireproof Folder Safe Bag for Legal Documents, Money, Jewelry, Laptops

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A FIREPROOF BAG THAT WORKS - When protecting your documents and valuables, only the best and most tested fireproof document bag will do. Our Scorch Guard bag is firefighter tested and approved, the materials are SGS certified, and it meets UL94 V-0 fire testing certification and IP55 standards. This bag is thoroughly tested and guaranteed to protect all your valuables as it should in the event of a fire. We bring you the best fireproof bag on the market!
UPDATED FIREPROOF DESIGN - We have added many new features for our 2019 updated fireproof bag design. INTERIOR STITCHING allows for better fire protection. The TRIPLE FLAP design allows for better zipper protection for both fire and water resistance. A LOCKING ZIPPER gives an extra level of protection for your valuables. Lastly a NON-ITCHY FOIL INTERIOR lining prevents contact with itchy fiberglass and provides even more protection.
LARGER OPENING & INTERIOR POCKETS - One of the biggest complaints with other fireproof bags is that the top slit zipper opening is too small and restrictive for larger items such as legal documents, laptops, and large binders. Our large fireproof document bag features an updated U-shaped zipper design that allows for easier access to the contents. We have also added 2 interior zipper pockets for better protection and organization of your extra special valuables.
HIGHLY PORTABLE DESIGN - In the event of an emergency or evacuation, it is crucial to have all your documents in one safe place that is easy to grab and transport. Our Scorch Guard Fireproof Document bag was designed to be both portable and fireproof. A padded adjustable shoulder strap and heavy-duty carrying handle make this bag very easy to transport in a moment's notice.
LIFETIME WARRANTY & SATISFACTION GUARANTEE - We offer a lifetime warranty on all of our bags, so if there are ever any defects or issues, just contact us and we will take care of it. We love our Scorch Guard bags and we want to make sure you do too. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely happy with your Scorch Guard bag, we will do everything in our power to fix it, or you can send it back for a full refund!



5 layers of unrivaled fire protection for your valuables.

Up to 2000F of fire protection (SGS Certified, meets ASTM E119 specs and IP55 standards).

Firefighter tested and approved.


This bag is made of: 1 layer of thick fire-resistant foil liner, 1 layer of tightly woven fiberglass, and 3 layers of fire- and water-resistant silicone.

A metal zipper with a locking ring and double flap add extra levels of protection. Fire- and water-resistant materials used throughout, including thick fire-resistant stitching.


With a large 16 x 12 x 5 size, you can store all your important items in one place such as cash, jewelry, passports, photos.

This bag was specifically designed for large legal documents, laptops, binders, and much more.

No more frustrating tiny openings. With the special large U-shaped zipper opening, you can easily access, store, sort, and retrieve items.


If a disaster strikes this large Scorch Guard fireproof bag keeps all of your valuables in one place for an easy grab and go approach.

With a convenient carrying handle and a padded shoulder strap, the Scorch Guard bag can easily be transported anytime.

Purchase this fireproof bag with a full satisfaction guarantee and lifetime warranty.


Please keep away from children.

The Scorch Guard bag is a high-quality fireproof bag which protects against high temperature & fire exposure, but just as any fire-resistant object, it will not support endless fire exposure. Please keep any fire exposure to a minimum.